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Madeira cetacean stranding network
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The Whale Museum Madeira rents some spaces that can be used for events with different themes.  In case you are interested please contact us.



The Madeira Whale Museum has an auditorium with 56 seats that might be used for workshops, conferences and other initiatives promoted by the Whale Museum or to be rented to external entities who want to use the space for their own initiatives. Next to the auditorium there is a support bar which can be used for coffee breaks during the events. The Auditorium has a separate access, apart from the visitors going to the permanent exhibitions at the Whale Museum.

This space is equipped with wireless internet access, 2D and 3D projectors and sound equipment. The auditorium also allows the possibility of simultaneous translation up to two languages at the same time by using translators. In this case, the participants need to use an audio- guide properly prepared for this purpose. The museum’s auditorium of the museum is prepared with the technology and equipment needed to held a press conference.

In the following images you can see the MWM auditorium. You can also take a look at the space through our virtual tour.


Temporary Exhibitions Room

The Madeira Whale Museum has its own space for temporary exhibitions of various themes. It is a multipurpose space that can be used not only to held exhibitions, but also to accommodate other initiatives (conferences, round-table talks, etc…) And can be rented to external entities with our without the auditorium. The support bar might also be used, and is located in the entrance hall next to the temporary exhibitions room and the auditorium. It is important to note that the use of this space is subject to the calendar availability for events may be taking place at the same time.

In the following images you can see the MWM auditorium. You can also take a look at the space through our  virtual tour.


Other events – receptions, parties, presentations in the Cetaceans Room or the Museum’s garden.


The Madeira Whale Museum offers other spaces, such as the permanent exhibition rooms ("Whaling Room" and "Cetaceans Room") for conducting various events such as parties, presentations, openings, among others, that will surely contribute to a fantastic and different setting for your event. The gardens might also be used.
Through our virtual tour you can also know a little bit more about these spaces: Cetaceans room and Garden.


Birthday parties for children

Thinking of the little ones the museum offers different kinds of birthday parties for children.

Applied to groups who want to visit the Museum within a birthday celebration condition (children and teenagers up to 16 years old). In this condition, the birthday boy/girl has free entry and a birthday gift included. The parents of the birthday boy/girl, which are responsible for the group, are also entitled to this fare. Possibility to ally the visit with a social snack (price upon request - service provided by the Museum Coffee Shop) or to bring your own snack and enjoy the beautiful Museum garden.