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Madeira cetacean stranding network
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Welcome to Madeira Whale Museum    

The Madeira Whale Museum is located in the village of Caniçal and is a testimnoy to the history of whaling in Madeira and the activities associated with it.

The Madeira Whale Museum has been developing over the past few years, studies of cetaceans in the Madeira archipelago. You can get more information about the projects in which the museum is involved  "Scientific Projects".

You can have a look into the museum’s mission and vision here.

Get to know our exhibitions and take our museum’s  virtual tour.

By car:

Follow the via rápida direction Funchal-Caniçal, take the “Caniçal Oeste" exit, then turn right to Caniçal centre, and turn again, on the right in the 1st exit, and follow the "Museu da Baleia” (Whale Museum) sign".

GPS Coordinates: 

32.735911, -16.740579