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For 2014/2015 academic year the Madeira Whale Museum challenges the academic community to participate in “Dentes do Ofício” activity. This activity main goal is to disclose Scrimshaw art. Scrimshaw is the name given to the depicting art done by ancient whalers in whale’s ivory and teeth. The recordings done in Scrimshaw relates to the whalers daily life. The challenge proposed decorating a model card  in the shape of a sperm whale tooth , in which is depicted the institution route in the last 25 years . 25 educational institutions attended this initiative with very diverse works.

During the work development, the Museum’s educative services monitored classes with the realization of  lectures about environmental awareness sensibilization. Works have been collected and evaluated in the end by the contest jury, Maria Luísa Spínola e Mariana Ribeiro, both plastic artists that following the regulation choose two categories to award.

Communication Category – Given to the work that has gathered the larger amount of likes in Facebook. Padre Manuel Álvares secondary school won in this category with teacher Fábia Gomes as project coordinator.

Due to the quality of the works presented by the schools, was been assigned by unanimity 5 honor mentions:

1º CEB - 1/PE do Caminho Chão Basic School - Teacher: Ana Romeiro - 2.º Ano

2º CEB - 2,3 Horácio Bento Gouveia Basic School - Teacher: Carla Gonçalves - 2º Ciclo

3º CEB - 2,3 do Caniçal Basic School - Teacher: José Rui Cadavez Fernandes - 7º Ano - PCA

3º CEB - Ponta do Sol basic and secundary School - Teacher: Desidério Sargo - 7º Ano – PCA2

5º CAO - Ribeira Brava Centro de Atividades Ocupacionais - Teacher: Iris Rodrigues

This challenge gave birth to the Dentes do Ofício temporary exhibition, realized both in the Museum and in Madeira Shopping

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