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slogan Marar-te

 “Vou marAr-te a cabeça”, is the name of the educative challenge for the 2015/2016 academic year presented to the educative community. This challenge initial idea came from a stranding of a whale, whose specie is still unknown, at the Formosa beach (Funchal), in 4th of May 2014. The founded animal was picked up by the Museum’s team, being necropsied and conducted the bone recovery for later skeleton montage.

This educative activity pretends to introduce to everyone involved all the process from the animal pick up to the skeleton montage and, mostly, the inherent difficulties to the determination of the specie if some stranded animals, for which is, between others, necessary analyze the head’s anatomy .

This way, was elaborated 8 fiber glass models with the shape of a whale head and, simultaneously with the function of a park bench. The models were given to the participant’s schools whose objective is to develop an artistic intervention.

During the project planning were made contacts with the City Hall and with the local Parish Council to determine where the models should be placed (after the artistic intervention). This initiative pretends to contribute, also, to embellish the village, but mostly promote the maintenance of the cultural heritage associated to whaling.

The 8 elaborated models were given to schools during the first academic period of 2015/2016, bearing that schools had realized the visit to the Museum for better knowledge of the project and to gather information and inspiration for their artistic intervention. During the second academic period the Madeira Whale Museum will realize, in schools, lectures about environmental awareness and, manly, monitor the educative process inherent to the challenge. The models will be picked up in April 2016 and placed in Caniçal’s village. The exhibit inauguration will be on 27th of May, covering Caniçal’s village streets.

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