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Rede de Arrojamentos de Cetáceos do Arquipélago da Madeira


Madeira cetacean stranding network


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Each academic interruption period The Madeira Whale Museum hosts didactic and recreational activities intended for children betwen 5 and 14 years old. This initiative began in Christmas 2013 and given the large adherence registered was kept like one activity for children from Caniçal's village or neighboring parishes. Activities are developed according to school holidays: Christmas, Easter or Summer.

Activities developed under ATL's are distributed for several days, accordingly to school holidays , and in the summer the activities are developed throughout the month of July.

In the ATL's children develop artistic expression works related to the period, participate in cooking activities, perform games in the Museum's Gardens and take little walks through the village as well as trips to the pools.

The Madeira Whale Museum hosts others ATL's for children from the region too, performing exploration activities of the Museum's space.