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Educative partership with the local schools

Developing of educative projects is powered when institutions work together to promote students educational success. In this context has been established partnerships with several educative institutions, being for each one of them defined objectives and main targeted audiences.

Partnership with the local schools

The Madeira Whale Museum, located in Caniçal's village, established partnerships with three local educative institutions, Nursery Gaivota, Caniçal's EB1/PE and EB2,3. Activities inherent to this partnership take place throughout 2015/2016 academic year, according to the school calendar. The importance of this activities is to promote Madeira Whale Museum with the local educative community and the recognition of the museum's role in the preservation of whaling cultural heritage, unparalleled in Madeira. For this reason was been signed a cooperative protocol between Machico city hall (who tutelage the Museum) and the local schools.

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Partnership with Gaivota Nursery

The partnership with Gaivota Nursery began in 2013/2014 academic year and was been renewed every year, allowing the realization of creative reading activities complemented with artistic expression activities. This activities takes place in the first Wednesday of each month, from 10h30 to 11h30, for pre-school children.

In 2014/2015 academic year, activities were conducted around "Aesop's Tales". Monthly has been approached two tales and explored the respective animals who give life to this tales. Throughout the year has been constructed a panel referred to each animal habitat. The fable studies proceeds with their dramatization, enabling children to develop their musical and representation skills.

In 2015/2016 academic year the collaboration between this two institutions will continue, in the same pattern, the theme being develop connected with feeding, exploring aliments cycles, in each month.

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Patnership between Caniçal's EB1/PE

The partnership established between the Madeira Whale Museum and Caniçal's EB1/PE was named "Aprender com as baleias" (learning with whales). This will enable every student, in a total of ten classes, freely visit the different museological spaces. Partnership envolves as well the realization of environmental awareness activities, by the museum's Educative Services in schools. Activities have been previously scheduled with the responsible professor for each class and will enable the realization of learning activities about the marine environment and whaling history. For example, we highlight the activity planned for the 4th year of education, related with the local heritage, that enables children the contact with old whalers and the exploration of the Whaling Room, where they can find photographs of their ancestors connected to the whaling activity.

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Partnership between Caniçal's EB2,3

The collaboration with Caniçal's EB2,3 is long lasting and was been previously developed in several ways. Whereas the realizations of temporary exhibits, to marine modelism workshops, beach cleanings, theater and dance.

Teaching of discipline "Sea workshop" was been developed for two consecutive academic years (2013/2014 and 2014/2015), being concluded in June 2015. This contributed to enrich students curriculum, enabling 10 students from Alternative Curricular Courses from the 2nd cycle to finish the 6th year of education. The "Oficina do Mar" (sea workshop) consists in one curricular course teached in collaboration by three institutions: Caniçal's EB2,3, Madeira Whale Museum and Madeira Natural Park. Creation of this discipline evolved the Regional Direction of Education, whose approval was granted. The signing of the collaboration was been realized in the Madeira Whale Museum in the project beginning. 

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This subject was been taught in the Museum's shop, every Thursday, from 10h30 to 12h20m, duting two consecutives academic year. It was focused on conducting sea fieldtrips, visit the Desertas islands ( along side with technicians from the Madeira Natural Park) and the elaboration of artistic expression works with garbage collected from beaches.

The finished work give birth to the temporary exhibit named Oficina do Mar (sea shop).

In the end of the two academic years, students obtained the certificate of the 2nd cycle of primary education.

Nowadays the collaboration between institutions still goes on, being the Madeira Whale Museum represented in Caniçal's EB2,3 Educative Community Council.